My life File: Daan’s 30th

I’ve been so busy that I’m posting these pictures almost a week after they were taken! They are from our very good friend Daan whose 30th birthday was last weekend. He had us over for a classic Dutch dinner: Gourmetta (this is my closest attempt to the dutch word….I’m pretty sure I’m spelling it wrong). Gourmetta is pretty fun, imagine a fondue but instead of a pot you have mini skillets where you cook your own food. So you could have mini burgers, diced chicken, salmon, and lots of different veggies to make your own combinations. Daan made lots of different dishes so there was a lot to choose from, it was really great and we had a wonderful time. Thanks guys and Happy Birthday Daan!

Sarah (Daan’s wife) baked him a chocolate mud cake.

 Isn’t their Christmas tree beautiful?

 Love these little festive birds!

Pretty colored lights.

 Daan and his girls Ava and Sarah.