Holiday file: gift wrapping ideas

I believe that packaging is as important as the gift you are giving. A carefully wrapped gift can express to the receiver how much you care about them. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t spend a fortune people won’t think you care about them, no, to the contrary, a simple, creative, original and thoughtful gift wrap goes a long way. People really appreciate the effort we put in beautifully wrapping a gift . That said, here are a couple of great gift wrapping ideas for your holiday presents.

Use different colored yarns as ribbon [source]

Use Japanese masking tape to make a garland and wrap it around your package [source]. You can also write on the tape and personalize it [source]


Use chalkboard gift tags to make it fun [source]

Remember that star garland I posted about a few days ago on my DIY holiday decor post? You can also use it to wrap your gift [source]