My Life file: My (awesome) Christmas gift

My Christmas gift was amazing, and almost better than it was the scavenger hunt my husband made me play to get it. You see, husband likes to play with me when it comes to gifts, so when I unwrapped a huge box and realized that it was a diaper box with 2 pairs of used shoes of my sister in law and some wrapping paper I knew what I was getting into (well I thought I did, this time he really took it to the next level).

Can you imagine my surprise when I unwrapped that big box and realized it was a bluff? I mean, imagine what a girl can come up with looking at a huge “gift” under the tree… all these days thinking  “my Goodness! I’m getting something BIG!”

So here I am, on the couch, my baby surrounded with awesome gifts from friends and family; my husband with his gifts; and me……well, sitting next to an empty box of Huggies diapers. Damn!
Husband insists on looking inside for “something” so I search the box and find this note from “Santa”:


I documented the whole “adventure” so if you would like to find out what I got and how I got it just click here for the whole story.