Fashion file: Chanel 2.55 facts


Images scanned from a catalogue by Miss at la playa

Via Miss at la playa

A couple of days ago I came across some very interesting facts on how a Chanel 2.55 bag is made. By incorporating younger celebrities as muses, Karl Lagerfeld made a very clever move, as today we can see this bag carried by the young, the old and everything in between. It has been around for ages (ok 56 years to be exact) and continues to be synonymous of timeless elegance and exclusivity.

– It’s called 2.55 because the very first bag was designed in February of 1955.

– On average it takes 18 working hours to produce 1 bag.

– There are more than 180 production steps in creating 1 bag.

50% of the bags are produced in black.

– One bag alone involves 6-15 people to create it.

– There are 7 collections a year that include more than 30 models.

– Out of 200-300 prototypes only 30 are selected.

– The inside and lining gets the same attention to detail as the outside.

– In order to ensure that each bag can withstand every single climate in the world, they are rigoursly tested for 72 hours at 60 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity.

– Resistance to UV rays, tearing and water is also checked.