My life file: Matthew’s Birthday

Today was one of the most important days of my life: Matthew’s first birthday! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I gave birth to him, I remember that day so clearly in my mind (even the day before!).

I woke up and at around 9 am I started to feel “cramps” but didn’t pay too much attention to it so I sat with my computer and worked on uploading listings to my etsy shop. At 10 am I figured out those “cramps” were actually contractions (cramps don’t usually come and go every 5 minutes) but didn’t got to the hospital until 3.30 pm as they were still “bearable”. To make the story (labour) short, Matthew was born after a long, long wait at 5:13 am on the next day (he was actually born on his due date and apparently only 5% of babies do, interesting huh?).

Anyhow, today I was very excited to celebrate the birthday of my baby boy because he has become the reason of my existence. It’s so difficult to find words to explain how my heart has grown! He has opened my ability to love to whole new dimension. Before Matthew I used to think that my presence here in this world was completely insignificant, I still think that we are just like dust in this vast universe, but this little guy has changed everything. Now my actions will affect and shape his life.  From now on I have a huge responsibility on teaching this little person on how to become a noble, kind and grateful human being. I’m holding in my hands his experience in this life, and that is huge. Thanks to the power of love I have made a connection so strong that nothing and no one can become between it, no matter what, I would always be the person who loved this little kid the most. Our bond is irreplaceable and I like it.