Cool Things File: Simple Garden & Grow Bottles

Lately I’ve been looking up on how to grow herbs and vegetables and plant trees and flowers on our garden. We have a huge garden and at this point it is ugly and boring, so I really want to plant some pretty things to make it a little bit more nicer (and to give us some privacy from our neighbours!).

Now, I have never owned a backyard so I’m clueless when it comes to gardening. But since there is a huge lack of vegetables here (and I happen to be a vegetarian), and when you do find them they have been grown with sooooo many pesticides,  I decided to plant some things here and there.

But if you don’t own a garden and still want to start your own, you could get either of these amazingly clever and practical products: The Simple Garden and the Grow Bottles. Both are ideal for beginners (like me!) and experts, and their design is clean and modern.
Via Cool Hunting