My life file: Missing from Canada: five

I love living in a country where there are different seasons, and even though the winter in Toronto takes up a big chunk out of them, the change of seasons is always exciting. Fall is my favorite season, particularly the month of September (my B-day happens to be in this month too!), I love the different colors the leaves turn on and the temperature is not too cold nor hot, just right.
* Photo taken by me on King Street West, Toronto.

Now, these are not the only things I miss from Canada, I also miss:
> My frequent visits to West Elm. Well, is just a 25 min walk from home, the store is incredibly stroller friendly, and the staff is super nice, so I can’t find an excuse not to go.
> Fresh produce, or just produce! There is a HUGE lack of veggies and fruits here, not to mention that when we do get them they are ridiculously expensive (a kilo of cherries priced to $40!), so among all I really miss strawberries, fresh spinach and rocket (I’m a big salad eater), and blueberries.
> Getting crepes from this place, and frozen yogurt from this one.
> Whole Foods! Matthew’s pediatrician is just a block away so we usually stop by after his appointments (followed with a quick peek into Antrhopologie!)
> My two favorite italian restaurants : Terroni & Capocaccia
> Strolling down the Harbourfront, Queen Street, and King Street.
> Lastly, getting lots of family visits! Who the hell would follow me all the way up (down) here!