My life file: Noumea recap

Our trip to Noumea was quite productive, a little bit hectic (as usual) but we managed to get most of the stuff we were looking for, plus, we got an outdoor set for $170 which was THE MEGA DEAL as for the past months I couldn’t find one for less than $1,000, yes a thousand dollars for a teak outdoor set, c.r.a.z.y.

The highlights?
Food wise, mushroom pizza for Saturday dinner followed by nocciola and cocco gelato from Amorino. Fashion wise, not one but two fashion magazines in English and current (the very last ones, or probably the only ones!). And gear wise, new trail running shoes for my next mountain race in 2 weeks plus a new running cap (the old one is about to die).
Not too bad eh? Hope you had a great weekend too!