Happy weekend!

Floating Market – Bangkok – Thailand

Well I just signed up for another race tomorrow, a 10k race here in Kone, on the same path where I usually run so it’s nice to know what to expect (I had no idea on what to expect for the other races as they don’t give you course details).

I hope you have a great week, today we are 4 weeks away from our R&R (insert a huge excitement face here), can’t wait to get off The Island and have some quality time in civilization, there is so much I want to do, buy and eat! So I leave you with a couple of great links around the web. Thanks for stopping by the Vault Files this week!

> A stylish yet inexpensive way to keep your herbs.
> Oh this looks like the perfect getaway.
> I wish I could make this.
> An amazing recipes blog that I just discovered.
> If you ever wondered, here it is.
> What is it with peanut butter this week? This and this look DELICIOUS!
> Really? Just like kids. I wonder if women in skirts and heels would do it.
> This is the sweetest and most clever thing I’ve seen this week.