Happy weekend!

The London Eye 

This has been a hell of a week. There is a Varicella breakout and Matthew was not vaccinated as the vaccine is not easy to find here in Kone, fortunately got the chance to vaccinate him on Wednesday, let’s just hope I did in time. I got 3 more weeks for our vacation, I CAN’T WAIT!!! Hope you are enjoying the last days of summer, and I leave you with my weekly links! Thanks for stopping by, you make me happy 🙂

> A friendship bracelet tutorial

> Can’t believe this is a nursery, such a grownup space!

> These are so pretty…

> Easy and awesome tutorial

> How freaking gorgeous is this? Via oh, hello friend

> Make it fun with this

> I would be thinking “there’s no place like home” while wearing these

> A cool french twist