My life file: By my side

I survived 4 months without a bedside table and it was driving me nuts! Everything in this island is so expensive that the moment you know people are leaving The Island you go to their places and hold on on whatever they are selling! In this case, my friend Amanda was leaving in late June so among other things I got this bedside table which surprisingly coordinates very well in my bedroom.

I’m so happy that I don’t have to stretch out my arm anymore to grab my phone to check the time, and  now I have everything I need just by my side, at my level! what a relief! Though I have to confess: at night time most of the space is taken by my baby’s bottle, pacifier and a flash light I like to keep handy (always prepared!)

Sometimes I play a game of Fuzzle on my iPod just before going to sleep.

With the lack of magazines here these have become my precious treasure.