My life File: Island Discoveries

Remember the weekend we spent here for one of my races? Well, while walking around the hotel we discovered some very interesting facts of The Island. Keep on reading…

Ever since we knew there was a possibility on moving to Kone, New Caledonia, we have always referred to it as The Island and we have always joked that we live in some kind of LOST meets Survivor kind of reality, always mentally prepared to run into Jeff Probst. Well, it turns out there was a Survivor New Caledonia and I got to “relax” at the same spot where the Survivor contestants had to “survive”. So here is the proof that I live in such a remote place within such a remote island that it is (and was) Survivor material, how about that? Though the only difference is that we all kind of want to be voted out The Island 😉 

Next time someone asks me where do I live, I’ll have the right to say: “I survive in Kone”