Blog Series: In my Makeup Bag

This week’s guest on “In my make-up bag” is the talented blogger, owner and artist Jen of Made by Girl. Apart from being seriously talented, Jen is one of those people who seems (I don’t personally know her) to be a good soul (I guess that’s why so many people like her!), she is very approachable and seems highly grounded even though she has had (and continues to have) a huge success.Do you have a make-up tip or secret you would like to share?I discovered Mac paint pot for my eye lids- applying it before eyeshadow helps keep the shadow on all day! Any particular make-up trend that you’re looking forward for fall?I know this is boring, but not really…..I actually tend to change my nail polish more than I do my makeup. How does your day make-up routine differs from your night time one?It doesn’t that much…the only thing that’s different is that I add a heavier eye shadow at night…but normally I just use the same color for my lids from day to night. Get Jen’s favorite products:> MAC Studio fix powder> Dior Diorskin AirFlash spay foundationit’s the closest thing I found to airbrush makeup..and leaves the skin looking smooth. The only drawback is that it doesn’t last too long, they should carry a bigger bottle> MAC false lashes mascara> Shu Emura Nobara cream cover stick foundation> Lancome Juicy tubes> Laura Mercier secret camouflage> GAP Pyramid Stud Clutch* Gracias Jen!