Happy Weekend!

Via Pinterest via We Heart It

You know what that above is? An airplane? No no no, that’s a time machine. I guess they are called airplanes when you travel within the same time zone, but when you go through multiple time zones they become time machines. You don’t believe me?  I’ll be leaving Saturday morning from Kone, I’ll be up in the air for 3+12+6 hours plus some more hours at the airports, and (God willing) I’ll arrive to Miami Saturday night. Isn’t that what they call time traveling?

Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend labour day long weekend! Here are some links I would like to share:

> This is perfect for stay at home entertainment during the winter.
> Beautiful pens.
> I am in love with this place, would move in, in a second! See the whole tour here.
> I think I can watch this video over and over and over again.
> A pretty little night time set.
> I don’t need convincing, but this interview is excellent.
> Cute.
> I’m pretty sure Constanza would have had this endorsed.