My life File: Recent Purchases

Let’s start the week with a sneak peek into a couple of my latest purchases, shall we? It’s been a little bit hard to resist on getting fall clothes (my favorite ones), but in The Island is pretty hot so I’ve been focusing on summer clothes (the few that are still available!). 

I know that I won’t use the oxfords a lot in The Island but I couldn’t resist them (I have a thing for oxfords). They are no longer available (I ordered them online a while ago) but they have these ones now (which I love!) and if they are the same quality I highly recommend them!

Top to bottom: Rebecca Minkoff Bag, J.Crew Denim Shorts, Anthropologie Green Shorts, Brushed Trouser Shorts, Allotrope Shorts, Brushed Trouser Shorts, Madewell Canvas and Leather Oxfords, Anthropologie Waving Pennant Necklace

PS: I narrowed down my favorite collections from NYFW, so I’ll start sharing them this week 😉