My Life File: Going Back

Image via Minimal Movie Posters

The reason why I left you without a post on Friday is that Matthew and I got LOST, yeap, my time in Toronto was up, and as you probably know by now (if not click here), going back The Island takes a LONG time. This time we headed back sans husband (he was already there waiting for us) so you can imagine, if you possibly can, how freaking insane is to get on 3 flights (5 1/2 + 13 + 2 1/2 hours) plus a 3 hour car ride with an 18 month old boy and just one pair of hands. Fortunately, based on our experience getting to civilization a month ago, I prepared myself pretty good for this adventure and my little traveler behaved quite well. I’ll share the experience soon 😉

All in all, I’m still sane, tired but sane, which is the important thing. You know how The Island is, WE HAD TO GO BACK, WE HAD TO GO BACK!

PS: I’m working on a post with some tips on how to get through this experience with a toddler and I’ll share it soon! Hope you’re having a great weekend!