My life File: Christmas gifts awaiting for me in Civilization

Spending Christmas in The Island meant two things: no family and no gifts. While I can’t do anything about getting the family here or traveling there to see them, I can certainly do one thing: Online shopping. And so I did. These are a couple of things I got in the last couple of weeks and that I’m going to consider as my Chrsitmas gifts. They are waiting for me in Florida, at my in-laws, and hopefully I’ll be able to claim them soon 😉

1. Kate Long Stevenson painting: I got it from her first blog sale over at Look Linger Love recently. Love how calm it is, I’m thinking on placing it over my bedside table.
2. Kate Spade Leopard Shopper (no longer available) / similar and similar: Got this and the wallet with their Friend’s and Family extra 30%.
3. Kate Spade Tudor City Stacy wallet: I really needed a new wallet and this one is a classic.
4. Jeffrey Campbell Brit Wrap Strap Booties: Also got them on sale over at Shopbop. Can’t wait to wear them! (soon?)