My Life File: Christmas in the Island

Merry Christmas!! How was your Holiday weekend? Hope you had a fantastic weekend filled with lots of love!

On the 24th we had a quiet Christmas dinner at our place and on the 25th we just relaxed all day long, ate leftovers and watched movies (Monsters Vs. Aliens, The Hangover 2 and Love Actually) Can you guess my favorite one? 😉

As I was going through some pictures I came across these ones so I thought I would share them. I got this “Charlie Brown-esque” tree and another plastic pot (one of those ugly orange ones) to place the tree. I couldn’t resist the idea of looking at these ugly pots so I bought some gold spray paint (yes I was really impressed I could find it here) and sprayed them both. It took me less than 5 min, (plus 24 hours of drying of course!)

The “before”. I told you it was Charlie Brown-esque 😉


Not too bad right?