Untitled File: Adore Magazine and many things

Ok, you guys have no idea how surprised I was to see one of my necklaces on the latest issue of Adore Magazine. The lovely Kirsten, from 6th Street Design School, featured it as one of the things she’s currently coveting, how sweet is that? Thanks Kirsten, this was so unexpected!

On a different note, there are so many things going on lately. Besides being incredibly busy (who’s not at this time of the year?) I joined Currently Obsessed, which is like a Pinterest but for all things fashion related, so if you like to, you can stalk my obsessions, and those of many great bloggers. I have a couple of private invitations so use this code The_Vault_FilesObsessed to enter 😉

Also, I just jumped on the bandwagon and opened a Facebook fan page for The Vault Files where I’ll be posting all the pics that don’t make it to the blog, you can check it out here. There’s also a Facebook button on the upper right side, in case you don’t wish to check it right this moment 😉