Happy (belated) Weekend

Coming from the Kuala Lumpur Forest Reserve – 2009

Am I still in time to wish you a happy weekend? Hope so! We just introduced our travel approval so I’m getting very VERY excited to get off the island and join civilization for a much needed break! As soon as we get the green light we will book our tickets and the countdown will begin, YAY!!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and leaving you some worth checking links:

> If you like to bake, or drool over gorgeous pictures of sweets, then you have to check out this blog.

> My excitement to get off The Island would be multiplied by a million if I had the chance to fly like this. Via vmac+cheese

> I’m little bit of a control freak when it comes to organizing so I really enjoyed this post (great tips!).

> Make Valentine’s day extra special with these.

> And speaking of Valentine’s, a Valentine’s day inspired nail polish.

> Love this DIY.

> A human aquarium?