Happy Weekend!

I may not be able to buy clothes here but I can certainly buy some trendy neon pegs at the local shop!  And, yes, here in The Island we (as in all of us living in Dharma) hang our clothes to dry (which btw, drives me a little bit insane).
Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by, I REALLY appreciate all your comments, you have no idea how more tolerable you make my LOST life 😉

Caught my attention this week:
> Wouldn’t it be so awesome to walk around holding these on Valentine’s day?!
> When in doubt, read this.
> Why am I wasting everybody’s time with Tuesday’s series? we all just need this! Now I understand why so many bloggers wanted it for Christmas…you guys had a secret agenda didn’t you?
> Brilliant!
> Love this top and how she styled it.
> Will blow your mind.