Inspiration File: Your closet as decor – Part I: clothes

Via Gold & Gray via The Glitter Guide

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend!
You know how they say that you should surround yourself with creative, inspiring people? well, I think you should also surround yourself with cheerful things. For instance, why don’t use your closet as a decor resource? Take out your clothes, accessories and shoes and just display them!

What’s inspiring you these days? Sequins, polka-dots, metallics, neons, tulle, pastels, stripes? just hang that pretty piece and display it! I bet you it would make you smile every time you’d see it, and/or even remind you of great moments spent while wearing them, don’t you think? Look at how gorgeous these look:

Via Sterling Style

Via The Coveteur

 Via Domestikated Life via The Coveteur

Via The Glitter Guide

Via Gold & Gray

Via The Glitter Guide