Running File: The Shoes

Since running is another passion of mine I thought of starting a whole new file: The running file. Here I will be writing about anything and everything that has to do with running. Hopefully I’ll motivate you to start (or continue!) running 😉

So this is what I have learned about running shoes:

– First and foremost you got to find out about your gait. If you want to avoid injuries you really need to get the perfect pair of shoes according to your foot type. Don’t know anything about it? Plenty explanation (and the test) here.
– Size up. I’m usually an 8 – 8.5 in regular shoes, but when it comes to my running shoes I’m a 9.5. Why is that? Well, with your stride, your feet slides in your shoe so you really need to make sure there is enough room for them to do so.
– Get two pairs of shoes. They say (you know, the masters) that the midsoles of your shoes take up to 24 hours to reshape so it’s wise to have 2 pairs. You really want the sole to be in it’s best condition.
– Make sure you double lace, you don’t want to trip over right?
– If you’re going trail running get a pair of trail running shoes, as you will need a good grip. I got these Nike Alvord (see below) last year and I really like them, they have great cushioning. My street running shoes are the Asics GT 2160

If you are a runner too I would love to hear about your insights so please feel free to share them on the comments section 😉

PS: my running essentials