Tips File: Running Essentials Part I

My favorite running bra at the moment

Since I have a couple of running readers (YAY!) I thought why not share my running essentials? I mean, even if you are not a runner, it may bring you some inspiration, or if one of your resolutions for this year is to stay fit or start exercising maybe it will bring you some motivation, yes? no?

1. Lululemon headbands: My absolute favorite headbands. Love them so much! Not only they are reversible but the ruching at the front is very flattering.
2. Music: Listening to my favorite songs makes me so happy while I run! If I’m running with the stroller (which is 90% of the times) I use my Nano because I can easily strap it around the handle, but for most solo runs and races I take my shuffle.  And as for earphones I like them waterproof and the kind that straps around your ear, otherwise they just fall out of my ear and I find that annoying!
3. Sunglasses: Oakley really makes the best sunnies, mine are so lightweight that you literally forget you’re wearing them.
4. GPS watch: My husband got me a Garmin watch (the Forerunner 210) for my birthday and I LOVE it. Knowing my pace and distance is very important to me.
5. Running caps: In breathable fabrics for sunny runs.

Next week I’ll talk about my running shoes and some important facts you should consider when choosing your own pair 😉