Fashion File: Oscars favorites

Well hello hello! This lady is blogging from Toronto! After a LONG and excruciating adventure we made it sound and safe (and somewhat mentally sane) to Canada. Thank goodness I was somehow mentally prepared for this trip because, let me tell you, traveling with a toddler boy is not easy at all, but more on my trip later on this week ok?

Let’s begin the week with some fashion, and today you get a double dose of fashion, one, my favorite looks from the Red Carpet, and second, the last installment of my Spring Essentials (coming soon).

To me these 3 ladies looked absolutely gorgeous, how stunning was Giuliana Rancic in that sparkly number? And what about Michelle Williams’ look? In my opinion, absolute perfection in every single detail. And lastly, Kristen Wiig looked so natural, loved her dress and hair, only wished she had added a sparkly belt or something, but other than that I thought she looked beautiful. What about you? Which were your favorites? Did you watch the show?