My Life file: Looking forward

As our travel day gets closer (3 days and we’re off!) my mind is already thinking about all the wonderful things we’ll be able to do while off The Island. And by wonderful things I just mean those small, common things that you probably do everyday but that we don’t get a chance to enjoy here.

You really have to picture my life as if I live in Dharma (LOST), with the exception that there is a somehow decent grocery shop, a bank, gas station, pharmacy, and mail store. There’s not even a playground for the kiddos, is just us and our houses. So, I’m really looking forward to be in civilization, even if it’s just for 3 weeks, I’m just going to enjoy it to the very max. So I hope you understand my excitement if I tweet something stupid like: “Eating strawberries” or “At Starbucks” 😉

*Hanging Garden Notepad by Rifle Paper Co