Blog Series: Keep Moving

As much as I understand that investing in gorgeous workout wear pieces can feel a little bit foolish (you’re just going for a sweat right?), let me tell you that it really works to get you going. And It doesn’t have to be something super expensive, just something you really like. Do you need a new sports bra? why don’t you, instead of going with a regular and plain one, get something fun like this one? These are the little things in life that make a small but uplifting difference in your day to day 😉

For example, with the neon trend going on I was really into getting new clothes in bright colors. I went into Lululemon for more of these headbands but fell in love with this beautiful top (yes, the most expensive running top in my drawer now). The fabric is amazing and it fits like a glove, so I’m dying to wear it. At the same time, I went into Target and got this bright neon yellow tank (for a fraction of the price of the Lululemon one) that I LOVE (Target’s Champion clothes are amazing!). Moral of the story, just get something you like, and I swear it will get you moving because you’ll want to wear it and everytime you do so it will make you happy 😉

 Lululemon Push Your Limits Tank, Nike Tank (similar), C9 by Champion Singlet running Tank

Nike Tempo Running Shorts

New trail shoes / Nike Alvord 9

New street shoes / Nike Alvord 9, ASICS GT 2170