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Via The Reethi Ra Resort, Maldives (just how I wish I could relax right now!)

After long hours up in the air, and down at the airports we made it to The Island. I am exhausted! And, we are all sick, so it’s been a tough weekend. After the 6 hour flight to LA, the 13 hour flight to Auckland, the 6 hour wait at the airport, the 3 hour flight to Noumea, the 3 hour drive home, I had to sweep and mop the floors and clean the house as it was sprayed while we were gone. Then I fed Matthew, gave him a bath, I showered and went to bed at 9 pm. At 6.20 am Matthew woke up, I took the husband to the site (a friend had his car), then went grocery shopping, checked the mail box, stopped at the boulangerie, went home, unpacked 3 suitcases, fed Matthew lunch…. no wonder I’m sick!

Anyway, I hope your weekend was faaaaaar more relaxing than mine, I really wish you never have to fly so many hours, no matter how many times you do it, it’s just too much.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Have a great week everyone!

PS: I’ll leave you with something pretty (and deliciously looking) to stare at 😉

Via Sprinkle Bakes