My life file: To civilization

At the Airport in The Island

Nop, I’m not heading to civilization, I’m actually leaving it!! wah wah! This is my “back to civilization” re-cap, just a tab late! Today, or should I say yesterday? (I’m so confused with time zones right now!) we started this journey in reverse to get back to The Island (Changes: departing from Miami via Los Angeles).

This is pretty much how the odyssey went:
– 5 am alarm goes off.
– 6.20 am we leave home (we are late)
– 6.30 am we go back home as we I leave Matthew’s shoes by the front door!
– 9.00 am at the airport.
– 10.30 am flight to Auckland New Zealand (2.45 hours)
– 2.15 pm at Auckland’s airport, we wait for 5 hours for our next flight with no stroller which equals to a 5 hour nightmare!
– 8.00 pm Auckland – Vancouver (13.5 hour flight, Matthew only sleeps for 6.5 hours)
– 12.00 noon We arrive at Vancouver, head to our hotel, take a shower and go for a stroll.
– 5.00 pm We’re back at the hotel, Matthew takes a 2 hour nap, wakes up & stays up until 12 am (we are exhausted!)
– 6.00 am wake up call, to Vancouver’s airport.
– 10.15 am Vancouver – Toronto (5 hour flight)
– 5.30 pm we finally arrive to Toronto.
– 4 days later we head down to Florida 🙂

Waiting for departure

Leaving The Island

The Coral Reef that surrounds The Island

Vancouver (forgot to snap a pic of Auckland!)