My Life File: Toronto Purchases

Wilfred Free Aramis Tank

How was your weekend? We had a lovely one, on Saturday we took Matthew to a Carnival near by and on Sunday we went to Toys R Us, it was Matthew’s first time, so you can only imagine! We spent hours in there!

Remember last week when I said I got a couple of things from Aritzia? Even though I wanted to buy the whole store (not kidding) I managed to control myself (very proud!) and got these pieces. I know I’ll use those tanks above a lot in the Island and I love that one is very bright and the other one is pastel (see how good I am at controlling myself?). The rest of the pieces speak for themselves!
PS: I’m pretty sure my behavior in the store was just as Matthew’s in Toys R Us 😉

Talula Ulla Dress in Mint

Talula Frou Frou Shorts

Talula Betty Sleeveless Blouse