Happy (Easter) Weekend!

Hollywood Walk of Fame, Los Angeles, 2012

Are you excited for the weekend? I guess you all are, you get a long weekend don’t you? Very jealous of you all! 

I’m looking forward to some good company on Saturday as our friends will come for dinner, and to my friend Jessica’s gluten free chocolate cheesecake that we especially requested for dessert, it’s the best we’ve had! As of Sunday, I think we have no choice but to do our taxes, fun huh?

Hope you have an amazing time off, and THANK YOU very very much for all your sweet comments and kind words on this post, it means a lot to me, Tobe and I are very excited to bring you more inspiration on the following posts! And before I go, I got some links for you:

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> This is what I call relaxation

> I never get tired of looking at this place, my all time favorite