Tips File: From straight to skinny

Remember when I got these? Well, it turns out that I probably got a pair that was slightly bigger than it should have been or maybe I just should have gone with a smaller size (even if that meant getting a really tight pair while trying them on). Either way, they stretched a lot, and when I mean a lot I mean a LOT as in no longer fitting nicely.

Because I love them so much I decided to “fix” the problem. I looked online for some guidance on making your jeans “skinnier” but they all talked about jeans with more than one seam, and these just have one, and some would suggest fixing them on the inside while others talked about the outer seam. So, in the midst of my confusion Skype and mom came to the rescue. You see, my mom is a pro when it comes to sewing, so clearly that was the way to go. A chat here and there and voilà, better fitting jeans! It was incredibly easy to do, so I thought I would share the steps in case you want to reinvent a pair of jeans 😉

Here they are:

On Skype to address the problem

Step 1: Turn your jeans inside out and put them on

Step 2: Pin along the outer seam just how you’d like them to be and carefully take them off

*Note: When I got to the sewing part I realized that the pins should have been placed in the opposite direction (head down) so I switched them while at it (look below). This makes it easier to take them out while sewing, do you follow me?

Step 3: Sew along the pined line, making sure you sew over the original seam a little bit

*PS: I was incredibly lucky to have thread in the exact same color, still can’t believe it.

Step 4: Unpick the original seam starting just below where your new seam starts

Step 5: You have 2 options: if the adjustment is minor (a finger or two, like mine) you can just iron the seams and leave them like that. If the adjustment is bigger (like going from flared to skinny jeans) you should cut the excess seam fabric, iron and serge or zigzag the border

 Voilà! I think they fit much more nicely, don’t you agree?

PS: Pardon the blurry photos, you still can see the difference right?

Any questions just shoot! 😉