Happy Weekend!

Phi Phi Island – Thailand – 2008

How was your week? Mine was pretty hectic, so I’m really looking forward to the weekend (Sunday for that matter). My friend Amna is visiting from the city and she’s bringing me some goodies from the grocery shops down there YAY!

Today was very exciting because my friend Jess called me to let me know that there were fresh strawberries at the shop, let me say that again, fresh.strawberries. So, naturally Matthew and I jumped in the car to get some. She warned me about the price (close to $30 for a container of Driscoll strawberries) but I just couldn’t resist. You may think I’m crazy to spend that much on strawberries but you have to understand that the availability of fresh veggies and fruits here is terrible, besides, they’re one of our favorite fruits and here in The Island you only spend your money on food, there’s absolutely nothing else to spend it on. So to me, those were some well spent XPF (French Pacific Francs).

And just before I go, I wish you a wonderful weekend and I leave you with some links:

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