My life file: Matthew’s B-day

As a gift for my mother and mother-in-law, who have been begging me to send them some pictures from Matthew’s b-day party, I’m going to share some pictures with you as a little sneak peek for them (though I really don’t have that many more). Matthew loves dinosaurs; more than any talking he makes a “raaaawlr” sound every.single.minute, so I knew he would enjoy a small birthday party built around the dinosaur theme.

As far as decor resources here in The Island, you can imagine they are close to zero, so I had to be very creative and crafty. I got some really cool dinosaur head eggs (they look like these) while I was in Florida just before Easter, and hid them around for the kids to find. I made some dinosaur footprints to stick on the walls and I made a dinosaur footprint stencil and spray painted the grass (I was inspired by this). I also got a little creative with the food signs and I’m sure the older kids appreciated them.

Cheese sticks as Dino bones

Grapes as Dino eggs (very lucky there were tons at the shop that week!)

Dinosaur cookies made with this and this

Cupcakes with tiny dinosaur toppers

The cake

Happy Birthday!

The Birthday boy