My life file: Things I’m afraid to tell you

 Image by Ez of Creature Comforts

Well well, yes I guess that for most of you this post really doesn’t need any intro, but for those of you who are not familiar with this, there was the original post, then Ez got inspired and created a movement (first wave), then Meg kicked off the second wave, and now I’ve joined a 3rd? My friend Viv invited me to participate on this one and even though I hesitated at first, I thought, why not?

You guys know how visual I keep this blog (mainly because I’m a visual person, I like images) but today is going to be quite different, this is a LOOOONG wordy post. I’d understand if you want to skip it, but if you want to know more about me then I invite you to read on, just be aware, you may not like what I’m going to say. And the reason I’m not going to hold back is because if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in a couple of different cultures and traveling around some countries with cultures that are very different from mine, is to accept people as they are. I don’t like people less if they do things differently than I do, or if they think different than I do, I’ve come to understand that we all are very different and there’s really not a right way to do things; not even to pronounce some words, yeap in Australia you say o-re-GAH-no, in America is o-re-gano, and they are both correct! So in the spirit of this “respecting each other as we are” I’m going to trust you’ll accept me as I am, either if you like what I think or not.

Six things I’m afraid to tell you after the jump:

1. I had steak for dinner last night (!!!)
Nah, gotcha didn’t I? (I’m vegetarian in case you didn’t know) 😉
Ok, on to the real stuff:

1. I’m a late bloomer. I started coloring my nails in colors other than the same pinkish ivory just this year (well Dec 31st 2011 to be exact), but more importantly, I’m a late bloomer in the sense that I didn’t realize and accepted that I liked to be involved in fashion but in my late twenties. I went to school for Business Management because I thought it was the right career for me as I loved math and budgeting, but I don’t think I felt passionate about it. I don’t think I knew how much more creative my brain was (is) at that time. And also I kind of felt embarrassed to admit my passion for fashion for the fear of being considered superficial. The fashion world can be very superficial and materialistic and I don’t consider myself that way so the thought of getting involved in that environment was kind of frightening, plus I didn’t want to be taken as a shallow girl. It wasn’t until we moved to Canada 8 years ago that I realized that there was no point in avoiding my passion, and confidence was a big player in that decision. So I decided to pursue my passion, and I enrolled in a Fashion Marketing program in Toronto. The rest is history, I can’t tell you how happy the idea of getting back to Toronto to finally work in this field makes me. I’m blessed to have this blog to keep me busy and to get my creative/fashion fix, I honestly have no idea what I would do without it, especially here on The Island (more on that below). Having said that, I’m kind of disappointed on how long it took me to figure out what I wanted to do in life, I feel I’m old, and that I won’t have time or the opportunity to dedicate myself to what I really like. I’ve never been one of those ladies who thought they would be a housewife forever, no, that’s actually one thing I always had clear, I like to work, and the fact that I haven’t been able to work on my field for the past 5 years really bothers me. The idea of no one hiring me really frightens me.

2. I’m not quite sure you’re getting the right picture about The Island. Yes the island is beautiful and we’ve been to some very pretty places (like this, this and this), but I don’t think that makes more than 15% of our time here. Beach life is great, but we don’t live in the beach, we live in the bush. And my husband works Monday to Saturday, so that leaves us with only 4 days a month to go to the beach, for a half a day. And with a 5.30 am to 6.30 pm working schedule you’d understand that we don’t make it to the beach every single Sunday. Lifestyle in The Island is hard. Especially family wise. Besides the lack of veggies and fruits (see pic below), and the fact that there’s nothing to do except to go for a cup of tea at your friends and get together for playdates (no playground, no shops, cinema, coffee shops) there’s the major fact that family time is down to the very minimum. So, yes The Island sounds and looks very exotic, but trust me, you would only want to come here for a vacation, not to live here. 
I don’t think I complain about The Island on the blog, on the contrary I like to celebrate the good things (like finding strawberries), but I thought I owed you the real picture about it. 

The fruits and veggies section at the shop, on a very very good day

(see? I couldn’t resist on posting an image!)

3. It bothers me a little bit when people “credit” the images they use on their blogs by saying “via my pinterest”. And just in case, it doesn’t mean I like them less because they do so, and I don’t hate them either, I just don’t think it’s the right thing to do. First of all, do you know how frustrating it is to like a picture you see on a blog only to get directed to a pinterest board where there are hundreds of pins and have to scroll down and down and down until you find that image you liked, it’s kind of frustrating (plus I really don’t have the time to do so). Secondly, and probably more importantly, is the fact that those people are using somebody else’s work to market their pinterest boards, and that’s not fair in my opinion.

4. I have nothing against the Olsen twins but contrary to what all bloggers and fashionistas think of them, I don’t like their style at.all. Although I do like their clothing lines, I don’t like the way they dress and I don’t understand at all what’s the fascination people have with them. Though I am highly impressed at their accomplishments at such a young age (especially giving the fact of what I just told you on #1). And you know what? I’m not a big fan of Rachel Zoe either. Sorry to disappoint you again. I feel like I’m going against the current here but I’m just not a fan of her. Yes, she is a talented lady, no doubt about it, but I don’t like her personal style. Are you still with me? here comes another shocker: contrary to what most stylish people and celebrities seem to like, I think that Isabel Marant sneakers are hideous! My apologies to all fashionistas out there, but these shoes are not flattering at all. To me, they basically destroy your outfit.

5. I’m an overly organized person. And even though you’re probably thinking that it’s a good trait, it can be quite tiring, especially when you have a kid. A tidy organized place and environment makes me happy and pleases my eyes very much. I find it hard to work, relax, cook, and create, in a disorganized and chaotic environment. So, this means I’m constantly tiding up; I make my bed as soon as I wake up because I can’t stand an undone bed, I feel messy, I can’t even dress if it’s not made. But, it’s not like I freak out if Matthew makes a mess, oh no, I understand that that is what kids do (this article also contributed on how I see things now, it made a huge impact on me) but it means that I’m constantly picking up toys and tiding the house. I hate waking up to a messy house, same as coming back to a messy house, meaning I pick up Matthew toys every time we leave the house, as soon as he goes for a nap, and every night. I don’t get mad to see the house in a real mess, I just start organizing everything to make me feel better. Of course there are times when things get out of control or when I just don’t have the time to deal with it, or when I have other priorities, but then I get a very impulsive urge to organize everything, it’s kind of crazy.

6. I think I’m too old. I started watching Girls but I’m not sure I’ll keep on watching it. I thought I was just too old for it. Same with Gossip Girl, I watched the entire first (and second? can’t recall) season and then I stopped. My friend Sarah thinks it’s because we have kids, and that everything changes after you become a mother, I don’t know what it is, it just is.

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