Tips File: For your mom

One of the things I’ve learned from being a mom is that moms simply rock, yes you all rock. Not that I thought my mom didn’t rock, but now I understand that there’s no job that compares to being a mom, period. Mothers do anything and everything for their kids, things like properly functioning with 3 hour sleeps for a long period of time (think of months), and fully adjusting their lives according to their children needs (like not having a shower some days because they need to clean a poop disaster, breastfeed and burp their babies). Being a mom is tough but exceptionally rewarding. Your heart grows to the infinity and beyond (yes I just sounded like Buzz Lightyear, I wonder why?); you become a hundred times more sensible (yes, I cried while watching Food, Inc. because I felt sad for the hens and their little chickens), and you put your own needs aside for the sake of the well being of your children (let’s just say that your Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs gets all mixed up).

So, for this mother’s day, let your mom know how much she rocks. Let her know how much you appreciate everything she has done (and continues to do) for you, all the sacrifices she has made and how much she loves you and has taken care of you. And don’t limit this expression of gratitude to this day only, let’s try to acknowledge their efforts more often!

Whatever you decide to give your mom on this day I recommend it comes from the heart. Even if you just cut a flower from the garden and put it on a vase, I’m sure she’ll love it. And don’t forget that we mommies work hard, physically and mentally; so a day for us to just relax (a spa, a manicure, a pedi comes to mind), enjoy (and shop, wink!) is all we need. Just remember, under any circumstance, it is not ok to get your mom an appliance for Mother’s day, ever!

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PS: Thank you so so much for your opinions on yesterday’s post, I’ll let you know what I decide 😉