Etsy File: Awesome mixed finds

I love Etsy, and I love when I come across lovely shops with amazing products like these ones. I thought I should share them just to save you some time looking around, because let’s face it, sometimes searching on Etsy can be a little bit daunting, right?

From top to bottom:

Geometric triangle serving platter from Asleep From Day: Love the minimalistic design and of course the color combo. I could think of 100 ways I could use this tray for.

Driftwood Art from Bonjour Frenchie Art: Aren’t these the coolest?

Neon pink geometric tea towel and Blue-grey stripe tea towel from Ktaadn: Gorgeous and affordable! Plus, who doesn’t love stripes?

Pink Polka Dot Gold Studded cellphone cover from Honey Crush: We all agree about this cute yet sort of edgy case don’t we? I thought so 😉

Happy Neon Pastel Tote from Lauk: Wouldn’t this be the perfect beach tote? Pastels + Neons = Right on!