My life file: Counting

No, I’m not pregnant, and I’m not counting upwards; this is a countdown, yeap, the husband and I have officially started the countdown to civilization, and we CAN.NOT.WAIT to get off the Island (sorry if you just arrived here). So 12 weeks people, 12! This deserves a weekly post, so starting today until we leave I’m posting about the low’s and high’s of the week, you know,trying to keep things in perspective, share my excitement (ok maybe this is the whole reason, wink), and document the last weeks here in The Island. And I guess one day I’ll laugh about the not so funny and really annoying things that happen here in LOST/Survivor land.


> Made up my mind and ordered these for our trip to New Zealand (thanks to all of you for your input!). And guess what? I won’t need to involve my middle man (mother-in-law), got shipping confirmation from Asos, they will be delivered here 🙂

> Had an amazing time on Saturday’s raid, AMAZING! Followed by a mouthwatering dessert buffet (chocolate mousse, creme brulee, tiramisu, lemon pie, and the infamous chocolate chip cookies involved) More on the raid later this week 😉

> A box with some new clothes (for our trip) for me (including this and this) and Matthew (this and this) from Florida is on it’s way to The Island, thanks to my favorite middle man lady 😉

> After weeks and weeks of no avocados, I finally found some on Thursday, YAY! I owe it to Sarah who tipped me off (yeap, that’s how we survive here, we text/call each other when we find veggies and fruits).

> The camper for our New Zealand trip has been booked! Now you understand why I started the countdown, right? Very excited about this trip.


> This happened again. And it just confirmed that I do have in fact a terrible phobia, not fear, phobia. It is so bad that now I won’t care if we don’t get sent back home in business class, I’m out of here even if it means that I have to swim to Auckland! For real.

> As the above wasn’t enough to send my mind to extreme insanity, next morning I get in the car and guess what? ants all over the front and back seat (no food involved, that’s how crazy they are). Yeap, ants all over my hands while I was driving, not fun at all. Though I laughed about it the next day.

> The ants made a comeback, and they are freaking me out.

*Toronto’s photo by me.