My life file: Raid de Koumac recap

Close to the start

I know I’m a little bit late with the race recap but here it is in case you want to know about it. Despite being a short one (just 7 km) this is my favorite raid so far, I really really enjoyed it. To be honest I didn’t feel confident the weeks prior, at least not like I did for the first one, but somehow I managed to really enjoy it and I did very good.

The beginning was a little bit tough, I blame it on this bad combination: cold morning + delayed start + a little bit hungry + no warm-up + no stretching. Yes I know, the perfect combination for a total disaster! But luckily my muscles warmed up with a fast downhill.  5-8 minutes later I was loving it!

This time I enjoyed the music a lot, in fact, for some strange reason (I had no idea what was on my shuffle), the playlist on my shuffle was perfect!
As if I carefully planned the music for the course, strange but oh so
lovely! The course was tough but fun,very adventurous, the type of course where
you had to think and act fast, carefully planning your next step/jump. I
got some photos from a couple of friends so I thought I would share
them with you so you get a better picture of the race (though I’m only
pictured on the last two).

I had so much fun that I don’t think I would have minded not making it in the top 3, but guess what? I made it, and in the first place 🙂

Me making it to the finish line

Official results, first female!

The group