My Life file: Toronto Countdown

I have to admit, last week was a good one. The only lows were my never ending battle against the ants (this time I found them inside my tissue box, wth?) and forgetting to charge my Garmin, twice! Hate when that happens.

The highs were biting the bullet and getting The Souk rug from West Elm which I love. I love love love Moroccan rugs but their price? not so much! So when I saw this similar looking one from West Elm months ago I immediately added it to my wishlist, and soon it will be mine 😉

The lovely Anna pinned one of my necklaces and I was happy to see that some people liked it (547 to be exact!) Yeap, I was (and still are) in shock!

I love having homemade pizza parties (ok, sometimes the “party” just involves these three) where everyone gets to make their favorite pizza, this time they were really good, maybe the best ones so far.

Lastly, I ordered my dress for one of my best friend’s wedding in November. She gave the bridesmaids the choice of 7 dresses, and I chose that style; I think that the fuchsia is going to look gorgeous next to the maid of honor’s orange dress, don’t you think?

How was your weekend?