My Life file: Toronto Countdown

Happy to report that the Souk rug has been purchased (thanks to my amazing sis in law, and Carlos, the store Manager at the Liberty Village store) and it’s waiting for us in Toronto.

I found an AMAZING job opportunity, the type of job I was precisely talking about to my husband 2 weeks ago. So of course, I’m applying. And dreaming, and wishing, and hoping that good things can happen.

I also found a playground, a PLAYGROUND!!! Drove by it and saw some kids playing so it must be in good condition? Hope so!

These are pretty much the highs of the week; if you want to hear about the lows all you’re going to hear about is the freaking ants and how miserable they make me. For 2 consecutive days I didn’t see one, ONE, on Matthew’s play area, and I was quite happy about it, surprised, but happy. Well guess what happens on Sunday night? Ants all over the only kitchen cabinet that was ant-free. The cabinet where I store my sugars (my precious brown sugar brought from Noumea, the city), and my flours (my beautiful wholewheat and multigrain flours that make the most delicious pizza doughs and cheese sticks), and that as of yesterday is no longer an ant-free environment. So guess how I spent Sunday night? Standing on the kitchen counter, cleaning the entire cabinet while throwing away food and killing ants, beautiful huh? I bet you’re jealous. And as this wasn’t enough, guess how I spent Monday morning (remember I live in the future)? Killing the ants that stopped going into Matthew’s play area to go all the way around the living room, into the kitchen cabinet (via the ceiling). Lovely! While I was happily surprised of their lack of presence they were actually going behind my back (actually right in front my eyes, I just couldn’t see them) and laughing about it (yes, I’m sure they laughed). In case you didn’t know, this is the most annoying way to end and start the week.

10 weeks, ten weeks.

* Some sugar intake (in the form of chocolate eclair) may have followed these events.