Food File: Three salads

Today I’m venturing into something I’ve never done before on the blog, I’m styling food! It was quite fun actually, so I hope you like this post!

Here in The Island you have to adapt your diet to whatever you find, so if one day you find avocados, then you gotta find a way to eat them regardless of what your taste buds feel like having. It’s not about what you want to eat, but what you find to eat. Recipe books are not that useful here, actually, instead of looking up for a recipe, first you take a look at your ingredients and then you try to find a recipe you can make.

So, you know that the happiest find last week while in Noumea was arugula (one of my favorite leafy greens) right? That means that this week I’m having arugula until I finish it. Why? 1. there’s a 99.9% probability I won’t find it again; 2. Got to enjoy it while it lasts. So I thought I’d share with you how am I eating it. These are my 3 favorite salads using arugula (I also like it with baby spinach, so if you don’t like arugula try spinach instead). A combo is also good 😉


* I’d have this with either a balsamic vinegar vinaigrette, or a honey Dijon one.


 * I like to heat the mushrooms with some olive oil and fresh garlic on the pan before mixing all of the ingredients.


*Just add a small side of pesto (homemade preferably). Optional: some red onion half moons for crunchiness.