My life file: Toronto Countdown

Last week was pretty amazing, just in time before renaming The Island “Murphy’s Island”. First, my friend Sarah found some fresh basil, F.R.E.S.H., at the shops. Naturally I had some bruschettas for dinner that day. Then on Friday, we drove down to Noumea and after driving around the “city centre” looking for DHL we found the offices (not even close to the web address I have to say) just in time, literally 4 minutes before their closing time. So yes, I got my hunters 🙂

I was incredibly lucky at the shops too. Could you believe that I found arugula (or roquette, however you want to call it) and strawberries? I swear I’ve never been so excited about food in my life, I could probably say that at this point I’d get more excited to go grocery shopping than going to Madewell.

On Saturday we had the most amazing pizza we’ve had in months (think crispy thin crust); and the thai food was delicious (I had papaya salad). I also got to run by the bay on Saturday morning, pure bliss.

Funny to think that when we landed in Noumea 17 months ago (who’s counting?), we thought that the “city” was just a small, boring island town. Now, after living in the bush, that small, boring island town is totally a paradise! It’s all about relativity right?

Anyway, we had an amazing weekend and I hope you had a fabulous one! Here are some photos from our weekend in “paradise“.

PS: The winner of the Vivid by Esther earrings giveaway is number 33, Anyu, who happens to be my sister-in-law! Still in shock by the coincidence! I’ll shoot you an e-mail shortly 😉

The view from our room

Simple breakfast on the terrace with a beautiful view

Matthew at the playground

One of the many sections of the playground, Matthew was in heaven 😉

Sliding down

Playing with the camera

At the Aquarium

The best pizza we’ve had in a long time

On the swing with my boy