My life File: Toronto Countdown

Last week was very good. Do you remember when I posted about this vest that I love so much? Well, to my surprise it went on sale, and on top of that J.Crew had one of those extra 30% off on sale items, yeap, my eyes went BIG and WIDE! You would understand if I told you that I got it, right? I got it for $68 (the original price was $118!), not bad at all!

But the most exciting event from last week was winning the Two Penny Blue blazer giveaway over at Elements of Style. Founded by Marie Whitney and Erin Gates, Two Penny Blue specializes in creating luxury jackets and blazers with extraordinary attention to detail, while giving back to the community by donating school uniforms for girls in need in Africa. How awesome? The whole collection is to die for, you have no idea how tough it was to decide, all of the jackets look incredibly beautiful, and the styling is pretty fantastic. Look below:

At the end, and after a week of thinking (yes, a whole week), I decided to go with the Ikat Topper. I agree that the white blazer is a classic and it would get a lot of use, but this Ikat jacket is a fun and unique statement piece, something I don’t think I would ever invest in. Plus, I could always find a white blazer, and this jacket is a one of a kind piece. What do you think? What would you have chosen?

Hope you had a great weekend 😉

*Images by Two Penny Blue