Great finds file: A.Barclay Designs

Today I’m sharing with you this gorgeous line of scarves I recently “discovered”. Anna, the designer behind A.Barclay Designs, was actually the one who contacted me to introduce me to her line, and when I saw her exquisute pieces and read about her company I just had to feature her here on the blog.

And nop, in case you’re wondering, I’m not receiving any type of compensation for doing this, I just felt I had to share this because I like to support people who are able to follow their passion while still having a social responsibility, I truly admire that. You see, Anna’s luxurious scarves are made with 100% natural fabrics and handcrafted by italian artisans; and for every scarf you buy she donates a Tanzanian item of need to a Tanzanian Orphanage, isn’t that amazing?! And how gorgeous are these wraps? As Anna says, they are HUGE (3.5 ft x 6.5 ft), so you can basically wear them in many different ways 😉

And here is a preview of the Fall collection, which will have wraps made in Cashmere, how stunning is this berry color below?! If you’d like to check out the whole collection just click here 😉