Happy Weekend!

Tomorrow is the day, the 10k race day. This race is important for me because one of my New Years resolutions was to do better than last year. I don’t mind about my overall placement (of course getting in the top 3 won’t hurt, *wink), just time. I just want to beat myself, that’s all. This is why I like that quote, is all about competing against yourself, not others, and that’s exactly what I’m doing tomorrow.

On Sunday I went for a run on the same path of the race, and tested out my solo running pace. I know my numbers, I know what I have to do, let’s just hope I can do it. The trace is kind of tough, up and down hills all the way to the finish line, and in order to make it in less time than last year, I got to run fast! Luckily, this week I downloaded “Back in Time“, and it’s pretty amazing how it makes me go faster, very motivating, if you run, I suggest you add it to your playlist 😉

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful weekend, can’t believe that is August already! Soooo looking forward to Fall……in Canada 🙂

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