My life File: Toronto Countdown

Wow, I can’t believe is August already, and that we leave in 3 weeks! Three! How was your weekend? Remember I had my race on Saturday? Well, I did pretty good, I finished in less time than last year, so mission accomplished! I have to admit, I’m so glad is over, racing against time was a little bit stressful, mostly because I’ve been used to the raids where I just give my best self without paying attention to time, so it was quite a change for this race. And, guess what? Because it was a really small race (just about 40 participants) I managed to finish in second, aaaand because the super fast lady who won (seriously, she just flew), was “licensed” (part of a running club), I got bumped to first place for the non-licensed category, meaning I went home with the equivalent to $80, sweet!

Other highlights of the week was receiving this bullet necklace from C. Alexandria, and I love it! I’ve been thinking of getting another piece from her shop, I’ve got my eyes on this and this.

And, I guess the most exciting news of the week is that I just became an aunt, again! My oldest brother had a sweet baby girl (his second) on Sunday night, so I’m really happy that all went well! And so unexpected! She was supposed to go for a C-section on the 15th but I guess my little niece decided to show up a little bit earlier 🙂

Hope you had a great weekend, let’s make this week another great one!

PS: Thank you so so much for your sweet encouraging words on Friday 🙂

On the podium, my friend Sarah came in second 🙂

 My new necklace