My life file: Toronto Countdown

How was your weekend? Nothing special on this side other than making some progress on the sorting/packing department. We spent Sunday morning sorting clothes and stuff, throwing away papers, and putting aside clothes to be donated. I managed to pack one suitcase and it looks like we won’t have to ship as many boxes as we thought. Got 4 more suitcases plus one duffel bag to fill, so it’s looking good.

This is the third closet purge I’ve done since living here and I can’t stop thinking about the one I’ll do as soon as we get home and unpack our storage, that’s going to be a big one (haven’t seen whatever I have for almost 2 years!). I don’t even remember what I own. Ok, maybe a little, but I’m sure there will be surprises, both good and bad!

Can you tell I’m excited? With little over 2 weeks to go and already started packing 😉

Got my Vivid by Esther earrings, and they are stunning! I’m going to dare to say that they have this vintage yet modern feel, if that’s even possible.

Matthew’s backpack, isn’t it cute and cool? We figured that he’s old enough to carry his toys at the airport 😉

 Annnnd, got my ticket for Alt!! Excited who? Who’s going?