My life file: Toronto Countdown

Man, last week was a crappy one, starting with Bob getting injured, which immediately left me depressed (and yes, teary too). Thank Goodness it wasn’t major, and I was able to get it’s front tire fixed in a day (phew!!!).

But instead of talking about the bad, let’s talk about the good things: 10 days people, T.E.N!!! We seriously can’t believe it. It’s been pretty hectic around here, reason why I couldn’t get myself to post about my weekly links on Friday, sorry! Anyway, after learning that shipping a few things is not an option (major $$$$ involved) we decided that we’re going to take what we can and the rest, well, we’ll leave it! Of course I can’t leave behind my sewing machine (once you get used to a sewing machine stick to it!), so she has been packed already!

And do you remember how many times I’ve blogged about these jeans? Here and here in case I need to refresh your memory 😉 Well, to me it was a no brainer to finally get them when I spotted them on sale on Shopbop. Speaking of purchases, I also got the Garance Dore for Kate Spade sweatshirt I blogged about 2 weeks ago, I mean, how couldn’t I? I got 15% discount just because I left them in my shopping cart for over a week!

How was your weekend? I hope it was a good one 🙂

Garance Dore studio pull over

 Just the same way she came here 😉

My friend Sarah’s coat from Madewell which I suggested her to get (and which she did on a major sale). Why didn’t I get one? I’m still asking myself that question! Isn’t it gorgeous?