My life file: Toronto Countdown

We’ve been packing and cleaning for two consecutive days so I really don’t remember much about last week other than my lovely friends throwing me a farewell morning tea. It was so nice to be all together, and I’m really going to miss them. Good friends are a blessing and we’ve been very blessed here 😉

It’s been pretty hectic around here and is only going to get busier in the next 3 weeks. Moving is not fun, period. We’re going to New Zealand with 5 suitcases, 2 duffel bags, 2 carry-ons, hand luggage, car seat and stroller, yeap I don’t blame you if you’re not jealous! It’s going to be very interesting to check in for a domestic flight in New Zealand with all the luggage, I’m really not looking forward to that part of the trip at all!

Anyway, still got 2 more days here in the Island and you know what? I’ve been waiting for a parka jacket I got over a month ago and still nothing! I got no jacket, and is the beginning of Spring in NZ, nice! I guess I’m going to have to take layering to a whole new level!

How was your weekend? I hope it was relaxing, I need that!

 Playing with my colorful vest

And some more

One layering option to consider.

I wish I could fit into Matthew’s jacket 😉

Movie time with his favorite, dinosaurs.